Lent 2023

Daily and Weekly Messages

Fr Mark is offering his now-traditional and much-loved message series during Lent. (If you signed up for an earlier series, you should automatically get them this time). You can sign up for daily emails here and weekly emails here

The messages offer hope, inspiration and encouragement – well worth taking a moment out of your day.

Lent for Families has its own page

For Young People (aged 11-17)

Lenten Small Groups

In our post-pandemic world, the need for a vibrant and welcoming Christian community has never been stronger. 

Belong & Believe is a program about discovering how our Celtic past can help us today.

You are invited on this journey to get to know God and each other this Lent by meeting in small groups online or in person.  Over 5 weeks we’ll watch a short 20-minute video, then we will explore some key questions together. 

For details on how to register click here, or use the QR code below. Any problems – email us.

We have a wonderful chance to strengthen our faith and understand the different perspectives of our community and prepare ourselves for Easter renewal.   

Why not join us?