Free Wellbeing Support and Counselling for Hong-Kongers

“Options Wellbeing Trust is a charity that is committed to helping people with their wellbeing and mental health in Southampton and Bournemouth either in person, over the phone or via our Telehealth online platform.

In year 3, We are delighted to offer FREE wellbeing check-ins and counselling to Hong Kongers settling in Southampton and Bournemouth with a range of trusted counsellors.

Options Wellbeing’s aim is to help clients understand and feel more in control of their emotions surrounding their move the UK, who may be feeling displaced, anxious or stressed, those experiencing a sense of loss or trauma or experiencing isolation, loneliness or guilt having left social and support networks behind.

We provide people with the skills, tools and strategies to manage unhelpful emotions and behaviours so they can better support themselves, feel more connected and settle in their communities.”



Follow this link to find out more: Options Wellbeing – Counselling, Therapy & Wellbeing services