St Peter’s School – 14th November 2021

Dear Parents

Catholic Social Teaching

Year 3 have been considering the Catholic Social Teaching theme of subsidiarity and participation (decision making). The Church believes strongly that governments and civil society must respect the principle of subsidiarity. This means a central authority should perform only tasks that cannot be carried out at a more local level. In other words, local groups should be given the power to carry out their own duties to work towards the common good. As Pope Benedict wrote, giving people responsibility “fosters freedom and participation”.

Year 4 thought about how local people support those around them, along with how those who need help can turn towards those in authority. The children also thought about how people can let governments know how they feel – thinking about COP26.
Bayley says, ‘Some people live on streets because they don’t have houses or money. People volunteer at the Night Shelter and make them feel comfortable and will listen to their story.’

Sierra thought, ‘People who sign up for helping at the Night Shelter do so as they think it’s unfair that people have to sleep on the street.’

‘In class we can tell a teacher there is a broken light and the teacher tells the headteacher and the electrician comes and mends it and so we are back to normal,’ reflects Noor.

Harrison said the RE was ‘to understand how decision making can make the world more fair was an interesting thing to learn. Governments have to do this and must remember to be fair and listen to people.’

“…Subsidiarity respects personal dignity by recognising in the person a subject who is always capable of giving something to others.”

Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate (In Charity and Truth), #57, 20

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