DBS Checks

You are able to come in for a DBS check on Mondays between 12pm and 1pm or between 4pm-6pm. The process will take approximately 15 minutes. If Mondays don’t work for you, the DBS check can be completed on Sundays after the 10:30am Mass (11:30am-12pm). Jo Donaldson is temporarily covering DBS checks at the moment.


To process a DBS check we need 3 forms of ID from you. Most people are able to do this using their passport, driving license, and a utility bill (dated within the last 3 months or 12 months for water/council tax).

At least one document must include your full name.

At least one document must contain your current address.

At least one document must contain your date of birth.

You will also need to know your national insurance number.

Please take a look at the guidance document below to make sure you bring the correct ID.