Lent 2024 – The Lectio Course

Learning how to hear God by praying the Bible together as a community. 

Have you heard about our Lenten spiritual journey? Would you like to learn how to listen to God this Lent? Can you believe this Lent not only that your Heavenly Father wants to speak to you but that he can speak to you, that he is speaking to you..?

If so, why not sign up for our Lenten small groups, The Lectio Way.

Learning to listen to God’s voice through the ancient art of Lectio Divina, exploring this in new and fresh ways.

What you can expect – firstly short daily emails will be available to you, these will take you just two minutes to read and leave you with a thought or two to ponder throughout the day, a Word of God to nourish you.

Secondly you are invited to join one of our small groups – there will be five sessions with videos exploring the ancient practise of Lectio Divina.  This Lenten journey in small groups gives you the opportunity to practise listening directly to God’s voice alongside others.  This means that you can also listen to God speaking through them and share your experience of trying to listen to God – the joys and frustrations, with others on the same journey as you.

And thirdly you will be able to read or hear our weekly Message, at Mass and by email and on Facebook, encouraging you and giving you some practical tips during Lent for learning to listen to God speaking to you.

Ready to sign up?  

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The Lectio Course – Lenten small groups
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