Second Collection 25th April 2021 – The Clergy Training Fund

Our Second Collection this weekend is for the Clergy Training Fund which supports our seminarians through their seven years of training for the priesthood.

Our Diocese is blessed with 12 seminarians currently in training, two of whom are due to be ordained later this year, God willing. Each of our seminarians came to us at a different point in his life, and they all have very different experiences from each other. Each one helps to secure our Diocese’s vibrant future of bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through His Church.

Did you know it takes 7 years to train for the priesthood? The cost for each year of study costs on average £27,000 for each seminarian. That’s almost £200,000 for each man in training.

Investing in the future generation of priests is a great privilege and responsibility for our Diocese; we rely on your generous support.

If you would like to give a gift to this collection, you can donate here:

Thank you for your continued and generous support.