Discovering more about the Mass – Week 3 catch-up

A series of five online evening sessions led by Tony Darlison and the St. Peter’s Formation Team.

In this Year of the Eucharist, Bishop Philip invites us to reflect on the mystery of Jesus’ sacramental presence in the world in the form of the consecrated bread and wine, truly His body, blood, soul and divinity.

Join with us in entering more deeply into this beautiful mystery by discovering more about the Mass – what it is, what happens during Mass, and what can happen to us through our participation in the sacrifice of the Mass.

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Week 3 – Perfect Sacrifice
Tuesday 26 October, 7:45pm
Explore the Mass as an eternal sacrifice, and act of infinite generosity, love and perfection. Deepen our understanding that the Mass is not just a remembrance or re-enactment, but is our participation in the eternal banquet, the closest thing to heaven on earth.